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Daytrading - What is day trading at all?

Quick and easy to formulate, it is the purchase and sale of securities within one trading day. Anyone who has studied already with the subject, is now certainly shake his head and I do not totally agree. - You're right. Very often this business plays namely not only within a day (intraday), but even within a few minutes or even seconds. What we already were at a major trait successful trader - decisiveness.

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Those who can not decide quickly based on corporate announcements, whether or not a message a purchase or a sale is worth, will not persevere in this tough business long. This may sound hard, but hit the nail on the head. Can I meet not these decisions, I'm running the course may ever afterwards, and then buy it completely unnerved without limit, get booked too high a price and therefore run a higher risk of having to realize a rapid loss. That we do not want it.

The difference of Daytraders for Investor

The opposite for day traders is the investor. He is not about fast euro but to achieve sustainable development in the share price and the company. He has to deal with the key figures and, above all deal long-term prospects of the Company and should know everything possible about. In addition, dividend payments, which he firmly incorporates into its investment decision with him interested. These are details that are not really relevant to the Classification of Daytraders. What interests him is a current message, maybe just a convenient chart situation, or simply a Bonanza a stock exchange community. One of his principles is finally not to fall in love with a stock. Chances are everywhere. But fall in love with a value that runs gegenwertig against one, so it is important to acknowledge this mistake in time. Discipline is the magic word here. Here it is observed his stop rates strictly.